Brooklyn Green

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Designed for adults, active teens and pre-teens.
5-compartment food tray (green bon appetit)
Includes exterior box and clear tray insert.
Exterior box seals the provided 5 compartment tray and 4 compartment tray (sold separately).
4.2 Cup volume: 2 larger sections, two side servings plus a dip/treat well.
Dimensions: 9.5 (l) x 6.9 (w) x 1.8 (h) inches, weighs 1 lb 6 oz.
Pack wet foods like yogurt and dips (not water).
Use with custom designed Yumbox Poche cooler bag.

Yumbox Pro Bento Set

Make your Yumbox lunches even more fab with our brand new Yumbox Pro Bento Accessories Set.

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Yumbox Tapas tray dimensions

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