Salade Niçoise: The Perfect Spring Salad

Fresh artichokes, young fava beans and fresh basil. Those are the items that are suddenly popping up at my farmers market. It is no surprise then that all I want to do is to ditch my heavy winter fare (ok, in my case centered around herring and smoked fish) and replace it with nice and light homemade salads.

For me, Salade Niçoise is the perfect Spring salad. It relies on fresh produce - with many items being at their best during the Spring season. There are many variations on the Salade Niçoise, but there is only one true Niçoise recipe!


Here are the do’s and dont’s to replicate the original recipe at home.

Do: Use ingredients listed in the recipe below.

Do not use the FORBIDDEN Ingredients: Green beans, Potatoes, Rice, Corn, Hearts of palm, Vinegar.

This is according to the 1972 recipe printed by the mayor of Nice, Jacques Medecin.

You can re-create this classic for a delicious salad to go in your Yumbox too!

I like to eat it with a fresh baguette on a side. It’s amazing that something so fresh and filled with healthy ingredients, is also filling and easy to make!

Bon Appetit!

Salade Niçoise: The Perfect Spring Salad

April 4, 2016


1To compose the salad, first place the arugula and then artfully arrange all the other sliced ingredients on top. Add olive oil and pepper to taste.


Fresh arugula salad

Sliced green pepper

Sliced tomatoes

Sliced artichoke hearts

Sliced green onions

Fresh, steamed fava beans

Hard boiled egg

Minced garlic clove

Canned tuna, packed in olive oil

Cured anchovies

Fresh basil leaves

Olives Niçoise

Olive oil, salt and pepper to taste


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