Crudités platter

Crudités Platter

April 29, 2016

Tips on Creating a Beautiful Crudités Packed Lunch or Snack. Crudités is a French term that refers to raw vegetables, so a platter of crudités typically consists of one or more types of vegetables served with one or more dips. Here are a few ingredient ideas that will help you create a colorful and inviting platter of goodness!


1Purchase seasonal vegetables. Rinse them well, trim stems, remove spots and seeds, peel (if necessary), cut into sticks or rounds

2Make it colorful! The more variety you add, the better it looks and tastes

3Keep it fresh! Only use vegetables and accompaniments that are fresh and crunchy

4Get creative! Add a healthy dip to your platter but use it sparingly. Let the flavor of the veggies be the main flavor.


vegetables: Asparagus (steamed) Bell peppers Broccoli Carrots Cauliflower Celery Cucumbers Fennel Green onions Jicama Mushrooms Radishes Snow peas Tomatoes

accompaniments: Bread Cheese Crackers Edible flowers Olives Hard boiled egg (quail eggs are especially cute)

dips: Aïoli Baba Ganouj Garlic Dressing Caesar Dressing Guacamole Herb Dip Hummus Tapenade Tzatziki Vegan sour cream dips Your favorite salad dressing

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