Three Ways Your Lunchbox Can Promote Weight Loss

If you set a resolution to lose weight this New Year and are finding your motivation and results are not what you had expected, you are not alone. One in every three individuals who sets a resolution ditches their vows by the end of January. I see this struggle with clients in my practice year after year. The desire to lose weight is there, but boredom with food choices, hunger, or lack of planning derails the effort. Here’s the thing, weight loss doesn’t need to be complicated or something that you have to focus on every minute of every day. In fact, it can be simple if you have the right tools. Sometimes, it’s as simple as just using the right lunchbox to get the pounds falling off and staying off. To help you stay on track with your weight loss goals year round, I created a list of my top three ways the right lunchbox can help you to lose weight and keep it off.

1. Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail

This quote holds true for many things in life, including weight loss. If you don’t plan ahead to have the right food on hand or to know what you will be eating and when, you will most likely have little success with dropping the pounds. Failing to plan ahead can result in excessive hunger, eating on the run, or being at the mercy of choosing whatever food is available to you whenever hunger strikes. To prevent this from sabotaging your efforts, start getting in the habit of planning your meals in advance. One easy way to do this is to pack a lunch at night for the next day. One suggestion would be a compartmentalized lunchbox like Yumbox. This leakproof bento box is perfect for taking on the go no matter where your day brings you. And when you have your meal ready to go in your Yumbox, there won’t be any guesswork needed on what to eat when hunger comes calling.

Yumbox lunch frutti blue

2. Select Hunger Fighting Foods

Sure, you can lose weight simply by cutting calories, but not all calories are created equal. Some calories can help to satisfy hunger while others may actually stimulate appetite! In order to be successful with any weight loss plan, you need to prevent excessive hunger. Fueling your body with foods that keep you full for hours is key to weight loss success. Foods rich in fiber, such as fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, and healthy plant-based fats are among some of the most slowly digested, satisfying options. Balancing out each and every meal to include a combination of these food groups can help you to stay within your calorie goals without hunger or cravings. Using a Yumbox lunchbox, you can easily balance meals using the portion-controlled compartments to help you incorporate a variety of nutrients that will help you feeling full and satisfied.

Yumbox packed by Erin Palinski Wade

3. Don’t Deprive Yourself

Deprivation is a sure way to trigger cravings. Cutting out everything you love from your diet will not help you to lose weight faster and may even sabotage your efforts. Instead, treat yourself, but just make sure to do so in a portion controlled way. One of the reasons I love recommending Yumbox lunchboxes to my clients is the portion controlled compartment including the small, circular slot. You can use this section for dips or dressings, but it also makes a great way to add in a favorite treat to any meal without overdoing it. Adding an ounce of dark chocolate chips or another sweet treat can help you indulge your cravings while still staying on track with your calorie and weight loss goals.

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