Naturally Flavored Water: How to Spice Up Your H20

Doctors, health professionals, diet bloggers, and other healthy lifestyle advocates all have different approaches to achieving a healthful daily routine. However, a common thread that ties all these approaches together is their common tip to “Drink a TON of water!”

Water should be an essential part of one’s diet for several reasons. Internally, about 60% of the body is made of water, therefore it is pertinent to drink a sufficient amount daily to maintain fluid balance. Also, just as water is used to clean bodies, foods…just about everything, it cleanses one's inter-workings by acting as a component that keeps the mind clearer and less congested. This is why drinking water when sick is a must. The consumption of water aids in fitness and dieting is several ways too. When working out, water is expelled from the body through sweat, so rehydrating at the gym has the ability to give that extra boost of energy and help with weight loss by making the stomach feel fuller.

Integrating a great deal of water into one’s diet may seem easy because water is readily available, yet at the end of the day water tastes simple and plain. Water tastes boring. Today the market is filled with tools to liven up H20, such as Dasani Drops and Crystal Light, yet these options all contain additives and artificial substitutes that only slow down the metabolism.

Surprisingly, for a counter to these infusers, one can take a look back into their kitchen and use the natural stuff to add that zesty flavor to their water, along with some nutrients as well!


Cucumber water doesn’t always have to be saved for special occasions at the spa. At first, cucumbers lack nutrients might make them seem like simply an attractive addition to a pitcher. However, cucumbers natural temperature is lower than the ambient temperature in the environment, so they have the power to help cool down a beverage making it taste more fresh and fulfilling. The vegetable not only has the ability to be a temporary ice substitute, but also it can work as an anti-inflammatory and even has been shown to hold cancer-fighting benefits due to their lignans. Cucumbers contain three lignans that have been shown to exhibit antitumor activity in human cancer cell lines. Read more about how cucumbers can make a “worthwhile addition to your diet”.


How to make it:

Thinly slice the cucumber and place in water for at least at hour. Consider peeling cucumber before slicing because this gives the water a sweeter flavor and protects the beverage against waxes or toxins that could be on the skin.


In lots of diet plans lemon is used as a natural detoxifier. The fruit boosts the liver’s health and acts as a natural cleanser that carries loads of potassium that strengthens veins and lowers blood pressure. Lemons high citric acid content helps the body fight diseases and colds too by keeping one’s immune system ready to fight off anything in its way. For these reasons who wouldn’t want to add some tangy lemon to their beverage?

How to make it:

The act of squeezing fresh lemon juice can be seen as quite tedious, so make things easier and get a lemon squeezer. The gadget allows one to get more juice out per lemon without a immense deal of energy exerted. One can purchase a small lemon juicer online for as low as $10 on Amazon and this takes the chore out of preparing the beverage. So squeezed either with hands or tool, squeeze half a lemon into every 8 ounces of water and drink at room temperature for most benefits. Drinking lemon water warm in the morning and evening is also a great way to start the day freshly, or end it so one is recharged for the next.

Vanilla Extract:

The warming comfort smell of vanilla extract can always be appreciated with a fresh batch of cookies, and as a matter of fact with one’s water too. There’s no question that vanillas has a sweet-loved flavor, but actually vanilla has proven healthful gains too. Water infused with vanilla extract is a cure for upset stomachs and aid as an emotional healer to those who drink it. This is because vanilla is said to raise spirits and counteract stress and anxiety by restoring peace in the mind. So when one’s feeling down, make a cup of vanilla extract tea and maybe itll be just as emotionally satisfying as that warm chocolate chip cookie.

How to make it:

To each cup of water made to desired temperature, add three drops of extract. Allow for water to cool to room temperature, in order to most effectively soothe the stomach.


Many taste buds love mint because it makes the body feel fresh and mint infused water can do just the same and more for ones body, mind, and mood. Mint leaves are actually nutritious and are rich in vitamins A, which promotes healthy skin and good eyesight, C, which supports the immune system, and B12, which maintains a healthy nervous system. Mint is a good remedy for digestive health that helps stop colitis and IBS, and this all while keeping ones breath fresh, just like a piece of gum.

How to make it:

Simply add fresh mint leaves to water and the crush them. If leaves are crushed while submerged in the water, the mint oil with spread immediately into beverage so one can enjoy it immediately after it is made.

All of these healthful and hydrating water-infused beverages are great ways to stay fresh during the day, with little preparation necessary. Also, if one feels taking their water to the next level, find out recipes to combine these nutrition benefits in a more elaborate mixture at Lose Weight by Eating website Happy sipping!


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