Boo-tiful Healthy Halloween themed Lunches and Snacks

Tips for making healthy Halloween themed lunch items, snacks and Halloween party foods.

Raise your hand if your child looks forward to this time of the year. Come October, Halloween is all my kids can talk about. The costumes, the treats...and the fun scary foods we will prepare together.

What makes a great Halloween lunch or snack? Well, for one it must be scary. But not in the yucky lunch way. We’re talking yummy scary. Halloween foods can embrace the creepy and crawly theme and still be good enough to eat.

Here are some tips on how to capture the Halloween spirit in your child’s packed lunches and snacks all October long, without sacrificing the taste and health factor:

Halloween Cat

Cookie Cutters

Use cookie cutters to make your Halloween lunch special without too much effort!

Cookie cutters, like witch hats, cats, bats, spiders and ghosts can be used on sliced cheese, ham and bread to turn ordinary lunch items into something fun. This lunch by Turk and Bean is a perfect example of how one could give a healthy lunch a touch of the Halloween spirit.

Boo Yumbox Halloween

Bento Accessories

Like cookie cutters, bento accessories also simplify the preparation of a themed lunch. You don’t need to go full bento on your child’s lunch, but adding little eyes or Halloween food picks can make your little one’s lunch quite special.

We love this example by Instagram user @billyndamc that uses pumpkin food picks for yummy cheese and raisin sticks.

Easy Halloween Food Decorating Tips

Why not incorporate real food accents that might evoke shrieks, but will be eaten nonetheless? Here are some food ideas for the young and the old:

Black Sesame Seeds:

ANTS! Like in this recipe for carrot muffins.

Physalis berries or clementines:

Because they do resemble jack o lanterns. Here is a cute dessert recipe for Chocolate dipped Physallis

Seaweed (nori) sheets:

Cut out to look like spiders or bats...yeeks!

Fun Recipes for a themed lunch or Halloween Party

spider egg

Spider Egg

Use blueberries to safely turn hard boiled eggs into these beautiful marbled eggs, successfully passed as SPIDER EGGS. Feel free to cut in half and stuff them with a dip or shrimp or anything that you like.

Pickled brain cauliflower.CR2

Pickled Brains (aka cauliflower)

My kids love anything pickled, especially when it passes as the Pickled Brain. Here is a recipe for the delicious cauliflower pickle - feel free to omit the other suggested vegetables (although those can be removed for the final serving).

Halloween Yumbox.CR2

Witch Fingers

Last year I cheated and I bought frozen fish fingers and after preparing them added a toasted almond sliver to each to act as the fingernail. My kids screamed - and dipped them in the blood pot (aka ketchup) with smiles on their faces.



We love this example of how to turn the ordinary into something really special. Turn and Bean created this wonderful Halloween lunch in a Yumbox that has a banana mummy (wrapped in a fondant ribbon) and a dough wrapped hotdog mummy, like in this Mummy Dog recipe.

Halloween Bento Box Yumbox Cheese Brooms.CR2

Pretzel and Cheese broomsticks

I absolutely adore making these. Although it is slightly upsetting when kids just wolf them down without lengthy (over 2 seconds) appreciation. Here is the recipe: Halloween Broom Snacks


Tortilla Bat Crisps

A not too sweet treat that easy to make either using cookie cutters or kitchen scissors to make bats, pumpkins, witches hats or anything you can dream up. Tortilla Crisps recipe.

And of course it wouldn’t be Halloween if you didn’t add a little treat in the Yumbox treat well! But stay vigilant on sugar consumption this time of the year.

Happy Halloween!

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