5 Reasons to Bento

What’s your favorite subject? Ask most any kid that question and the answer is probably recess, gym and lunch! They aren’t all exactly subjects but they are social and fun and what our kids look forward to each day. Yumbox is thrilled to take part in a child’s favorite time of day. Our mission is to make packing lunch easier, healthier, more eco-friendly and fun!

This fun time of day is a parent’s opportunity to reinforce some important eating habits (without them even realizing) and also to do our part to reduce, reuse and save! The easiest way to do that is by using a bento box!

Here are 5 great reasons to bento!

Lunches_by_Lindsay Yumbox bento lunch box

1. Offer a variety of healthy foods

Toddlers and young kids especially like to eat a variety of foods. They like to pick and choose. Opening a bento on their own and finding lots of yummy treats is pleasing to the eye and more inviting. It’s a great way to introduce new foods. Compartmentalization means foods are nice and neat, not touching other foods. For older kids, you are reinforcing healthy eating habits make sure your child is getting a nutritious and balanced diet. They may even want to start packing lunch themselves and making some of those good decisions on their own.

Need inspiration? Look to @lunches_by_lindsay photo above. So many great combinations to entice a little one to give something new a try.

feed.them.well Yumbox Bento Lunch Box

2. Reduce, Reuse and Save!

A reusable container like Yumbox reduces disposable one-use plastics significantly. It also makes it easier to pack leftovers and reduce food waste. Meal planning really helps to make the most of your groceries. We all know that horrible feeling of throwing out food that’s gone off because we didn’t plan properly. If you need assistance try Weekly Lunch Planner by @sylina_lunches. A little planning goes a long way! A batch of healthy muffins and grilled chicken can help you create a week’s worth of nutritious lunches with healthy proteins and grains. Photo by @feed.them.well

cattylicious Yumbox Lunch Box

3. Pack a little love

Some days we are sending our kids off to school knowing it might be a challenging day or may be it's an extra special day. It’s fun to surprise your little ones with a special treat in their lunch. Maybe with a favorite dessert, a fun shaped food, or just a little something to make them smile and let them know you are thinking of them. Heart themed lunch by creative Cattylicious

Neptune Blue Zuppa Split Pea

4. Pack Comfort Foods

It’s hard to fit comfort in a plastic baggie. Once the weather turns, we’re all looking for some comfort foods. Use a stainless steel insulated jar like Yumbox Zuppa to pack a warm lunch and small bento like Yumbox MiniSnack for healthy sides. Pack favorites like soup and a sandwich or mac & cheese with a side of fruit, ravioli with veggies and dip. There are endless combinations! Follow Yumbox Lunch on Instagram for new ideas. Share your lunch ideas using #yumboxlunch.

nomnomnom_bento Yumbox Lunch

5. Express Yourself!

It’s been a few weeks and you're now a pro at getting everyone packed up and out the door. Break up the routine, have a little fun and maybe learn something new. Shock the kids with your rice bunnies or add some fun shaped veggies and cute Pandas to their lunches to mix things up. We have the tools to help you with our Pro Bento Set and fun sandwich cut outs by Lunch Punch. You can follow some experts on instagram like nomnomnom_bento (her gorgeous rice kitty above) and get inspired!

There are challenges to packed lunches. Reducing waste both paper and plastic waste as well as food waste isn’t always easy. It takes some thought, planning and the right tools. Once you’re over those hurdles and have that mindset, it really does become routine. Start by selecting a reusable container (hopefully Yumbox) to pack healthy lunches, a reusable drink bottle and utensils. Shop and cook with reuse in mind. Make the most of the meals you are cooking so that the extra can be turned into lunch.

Share your Ideas

We’d love to hear from you so feel free to comment below and share your lunches with @yumboxlunch on Instagram #yumboxlunch. We learn so much from all of the parents and kids out there with the same mission!

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