Healthy Lunches


The Tapas approach to Packed Lunches

Got a picky eater? Tapas might be the way to get them more engaged with their food. Small portions, wonderful variety of tasty bits and child friendly foods. Here’s our Yumbox guide on how to use the tapas approach to feed your kids at daycare, school or even at home. Healthy eating habits can be […]

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Exploring Sea Veggies: Nori

We’re going on a sea veggie adventure! Tasty and nutritious seaweed or (sea veggies) are worth exploring. There are so many varieties to try, there are sure to be some that will appeal to you if eating sea vegetables is new to you.

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Tea Sandwiches for Kids

Children respond to mini sizes. They are not threatening nor are they too committal. One could potentially taste different things in the mini format and that’s what children like – trying a variety of tastes, learning more about what they like or don’t like. Tea sandwiches are perfect for taste exploration and for filling little […]

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