Yumbox June Lunch Inspiration

Yumbox lunchboxes aren't just for kids! As school wraps up for the year, let's talk adult packed lunches!

Here are some ideas for healthy lunches for you, your partner, or older kids.

Bonus: These lunches don't require any cooking so perfect for Summer!

This is an easy no-cook lunch: Rotisserie chicken breast, Hawaiian sweet roll, green bell pepper with ranch dip, mixed berries, and a mandarin. (photo above)

Yumbox Tapas Crustless Tuna Sandwich

You know, as an adult, you can decide not to eat the crust on your bread! Homemade tuna salad "uncrustables," cucumber with ranch dip, pretzels with cheese, olives, mini chocolate cupcake.

Extra bonus: Keep your office mates happy by keeping the tuna salad scent to yourself with these sealed sandwiches.

Yumbox Tapas Salmon Salad Lunch

Colorful and packed with nutrition. Salad with cold smoked salmon, beets, goat cheese, butter lettuce, walnut oil and lemon juice, sugar snap peas, lemon blueberry muffin, mixed berries, and chocolate covered almonds.

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