5 Time Saving Tips to Packing Healthy Lunches by Sylina Lunches

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In a Lunch Slump? Here are 5 tips to make lunch packing easier!

Everyday I pack 5 lunches for the kids and 1 for myself - that’s 6 in total! So believe me when I say that there are definitely days where I feel overwhelmed with even thinking about another lunch box. So how do I manage to keep making great lunches?

1. Get the right lunchbox

If you have the Yumbox - you’re already a head of the game! Not having to worry about plastic baggies, containers and lids makes lunch packing faster and it also makes cleanup at the end of the day much easier. To take this one step further, what I found from personal experience is that having both the Yumbox Original and the Yumbox Panino opens up more options. Of course you can create extra compartments with silicone cups inside the Panino - but to be honest, the leakproof aspect of the extra compartments in the Yumbox Original takes away any guess work you might be doing when using the silicone cups. There’s no more worrying about which foods might mix together or leak into other foods. For picky-eaters this is a big No-No!


2. Use leftovers first

When you can get away with packing leftovers as is - do it! Otherwise, the key to getting your kids to eat cold leftovers is to cut them into small portions - add them into sandwiches, wraps, salads, rolls or pot-pies. You can also turn them into a kabob by putting them on a stick with some other cut up veggies, cubed bread or cheese. Another tip with leftovers is to use less sauce. The more sauce you put on them, the colder they tend to taste - so instead, put the sauce separately in the sauce compartment of the Yumbox so the kids can dip it as they eat.


3. Do a little food prep

Pre-washing any fruits and veggies and keep them in the fridge until needed. This way, when you’re packing lunch, you just have to toss what you want into the compartments quickly. When you make muffins, cookies, waffles, sandwiches - just make a double batch and freeze the extras. When it’s time to pack lunch - just take them out and pop them straight into the Yumbox frozen. They’ll be perfectly thawed by lunch time. This is also a great trick to use on hot summer days - it’ll will help keep your other foods cold!


4. Keep your lunch staples stocked

We all have days where we just didn’t make it to the grocery store and find the fridge empty when we go to make lunch. But not to worry, if you keep some pantry and freezer staples on hand, you’ll be able to get through at least one more lunch! Some of our favourites to have in our pantry are crackers, beans, apple sauce, nut butters, dehydrated fruit, veggie chips, humus and tuna. For the freezer - we always keep frozen edamame, peas, corn, smoked salmon, nuts and seeds. With these staples, a yummy lunch is possible! Keep lunch supplies in one section of your fridge. This way it’s easy to see what you have and if something is running out - you know what to buy the next time you’re at the store. This also applies to your freezer and pantry.

5. Get your kids involved

If you have number 1-4 of this list done - it makes it very easy for your kids to just pack their own lunch or get them involved in the food prep! Studies have shown that kids are more likely to eat their food if they helped to make it. If you have a picky eater - get them to help pick the groceries, prepare the food and pack their lunch ( or at least - meal plan for what they would like in their lunch). You may be surprised to find that they come home with an empty lunch box!

I hope these 5 tips for fast and easy lunches has helped you get inspired! If you know me (@Sylina_Lunches) from my social media - you know that I post photos of our lunches almost every day - the reason? So that I can have a reference to look back on! Now, you too can have this simple reference guide to keep you inspired for the whole school year. In my eBook “Sylina’s Yumbox Lunch Guide”, I give over 100 tips and tricks for packing lunch in both the Original Yumbox and the Panino Yumbox.

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