Backyard Camping: Fun at Home Activities for Kids

Indoor or outdoor camping adventures are easy to create. All that’s needed are a few kids, some camping gear, and a little imagination.

After months of anticipation, warm weather is finally here! This is the perfect time to encourage kids to cut down on screen time and spend more time outdoors - day and night! Sometimes kids just need a little inspiration to find a game or an activity that will jump-start their imagination. There’s nothing a like a little pretend or real camping to get their creative juices flowing!

One of our favorite activities is Backyard Camping. If you live in an apartment, don’t worry, living room camping is just as much fun. Make-believe camping is really the perfect game for kids. It allows them to practice independence and “survival” skills in a controlled environment. The possibility of imagined danger and adventure gives them an adrenaline rush, but the knowledge that they are actually in a safe environment makes the play all the more enjoyable. A case of the giggles is a tell-tale sign!

All you really need for backyard camping is a tent. If you have a ready-made one, that makes it so much easier. I would highly recommend buying a tent. My older daughter still plays in one after many years of use. If improvising, sheets have been known to suit the purpose as well. Then of course you need some gear. If your child is doing the camping outdoors, what better fun than to equip them with rain boots (to make sure they don’t step on crocodiles), a fishing rod (or at least a fish t-shirt), an insect net, a flashlight (this is a definite MUST), binoculars and a sleeping bag or blanket. A firefly lantern can keep kids occupied for hours during summer nights. And if you’re feeling quite ambitious - provide them with a Stellarscope Star Finder. The indoor campers will have to pretend a little harder but the same gear makes it all the more real.

After all the stargazing, crocodile hunting and fishing, even the bravest boys and girls need something good to eat. What better way to feed them than with a nicely prepared Yumbox. And if you have sent some nice hot chocolate in a thermos, that’s even better!

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