Fruit-Vegetable Leather Snack

Fruit-Veg Leather is a great snack for kids. You are in control over what goes into the recipe. And they will love the chewy richness that fruit leather delivers. Even though traditionally fruit leathers are made with fruit, there is no limits of what you can add to the mix. Recipe and some suggestions below.


Fruit Leather Recipe


There is absolutely NO RULE on what you can and cannot add to make fruit leather, as long as you stick to fruit, vegetables and some nice pure accessory flavors.

First, make sure there are no seeds, pits or anything hard. Then take your fruit/ vegetables of choice and puree it. Here you can add some honey, maple syrup, brown sugar, fruit jams/preserves, vanilla or almond extract, brandy, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger. But make sure you keep the puree consistency rather thick, as otherwise it will have problems solidifying.

Want to take it up a NOTCH? Put some nice thick greek yogurt. This will give your child some extra dairy. But, as with all dairy products, make sure you store those fruit leathers in a refrigerator.

Looking to get even more CREATIVE? How about adding some crushed nuts, coconut or sesame seeds or even bits of dried fruit. Why not? You could make little chewy nuggets full of goodness of your child's next packed lunch.

On average four cups of puree equal to one large sheet of fruit leather.


After you made your pureed mix, spread it out thinly onto a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Use a spatula to do that. Then place the sheet in an oven set at a very low temperature (135F). After 6 to 12 hours it should be ready. Now you can cut the fruit leather into strips - or hearts! Keep the parchment paper with the leather, as it prevents it from drying out. I would also recommend storing it in a refrigerator to prevent any mold issues. Although it goes pretty fast in our household

Some of our favorite Winter flavors:

  1. Lemon Honey Banana: 1 banana, ½ lemon, 1 Tbsp honey
  2. Raspberry Beet Orange: 2 cups of frozen raspberries, 1 cooked and peeled beet, 1 peeled and seeded orange
  3. Orange Banana Vanilla Yogurt: 1 banana, ½ large orange, ½ cup plain yogurt, ¼ tsp vanilla extract
  4. Kiwi Pineapple Apple with brown sugar, few drops of lemon and coconut sprinkles
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