Pack a healthy and yummy lunch that your picky eater will actually enjoy!

Here are some suggestions on how to simplify lunch packing and keep your little picky eater happy.

Your child is starting daycare and you have to start packing their lunch. You want your child to be healthy and have a good mid-day meal. It all sounds so daunting, especially since it's a daily task. However, with the right approach you can simplify this task and ensure that your child is getting the right nutrition.

Don't underestimate simplicity

Some quality ham, crackers, a bit of cheese, seasonal fruit and vegetables and a tiny treat are a good start.

Make it small and cute

Little children love other little things. Cut everything into bite size pieces (paying attention to foods that might be a choking hazard for the very young). Small portions are less intimidating.

Children love repetition

Keep packing all their favorites but add a new fruit or vegetable in the mix as often as possible. One day they may try it and like it!

Keep it seasonal

Nothing tastes better than a seasonal fruit or vegetable. Your picky eater will be more likely to try a juicy and fragrant strawberry or a ripe tomato, than a tasteless greenhouse fruit that you have purchased at the supermarket off-season. Plus, it's better for your family's budget!

Take a new approach

Try making a game out of exploring new foods with an app we developed called Choose My Food.

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