Yumbox Review by Jill Castle

Jill Castle, pediatric nutrition expert, co-author of upcoming book Fearless Feeding: How to Raise Healthy Eaters from High Chair to High School and author of Just the Right Bite Blog, reviews Yumbox. Yumbox Review.

It’s hard to believe that Fearless Feeding: How to Raise Healthy Eaters from High Chair to High School will be on bookshelves in just 18 days. Maryann and I are stepping up our giveaways, to spread the word and excitement–in fact, we’d love you to help us! Over the next couple of weeks, we have some exciting products for you!

Today I am featuring Yumbox. A colorful, bento-style box with some excellent features.

Yumbox was sent to me by the founders, Maia and Daniela, and is inspired by the French priorities of maximizing food balance, variety, taste and nutrition. I had to test out this attractive, sturdy lunch box!

Yumbox is designed with the child in mind—toddlers, preschoolers and young children will love this unique approach to eating lunch. No little lids to twist off or baggies to unzip, Yumbox has one solid lid that is easy for little (and big) fingers to unlatch. Even bigger kids (up to age 10 years) and adults can use a Yumbox!

Several features make Yumbox even more enticing:


Food balance

Each food well is assigned a specific food group, such as fruit, vegetable, and grains. This reminds you to keep a healthy balance to the meal by including all food groups. It even has a small well for dips or small treats. Proper portions: Each food well is portioned at ½ cup, perfect for little kids, tweens and adults with smaller appetites. Yumbox is great as a snack container, too. Better yet, you’re more likely to get food portions right with this pre-portioned tray, which is a key element to healthy eating.

Teaching tool

Each food well is labeled with a picture of a food group, so that children can associate (and learn) which food goes with a particular food group and its serving size. No lectures or crash courses on nutrition—rather, just a natural association that occurs with time and experience. Environmentally-friendly: Yumbox is BPA-free, phthalate-free and minimizes environment-unfriendly plastic baggies, saran wrap, and tin foil.


Yumbox has a single lid that secures each food well, eliminating leaking and food spillage into the other wells. I know my kids would be grossed out if their yogurt leaked onto their sandwich! Money-Saver: Think of the savings: no more baggies, plastic ware, containers, pre-packaged snacks and no waste because you’ll be packing the right amounts—and no over-feeding.



In honor of the Fearless Feeding book launch (April 22), I am giving away one Yumbox to one lucky reader! *This is Yumbox’s first giveaway, so let’s show them how excited we are about their product!

For details about the giveaway click here Free Yumbox. Good Luck!

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