Cooking with Kids


Meringues Treats

Wow your kids with homemade meringues treats. These chewy or crispy egg white based treats will please your kids immensely. Add a little color to them and turn them into a fabulous Spring Celebration dessert centerpiece. And in the mini version, they are a fabulously fun packed lunch addition!

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Apple Empanadas for Kids

If your kids are bored of the same old lunch sandwich, empanadas might just be what you’re looking for. Children love this portable baked “folded sandwich”. And as they can be filled with virtually anything, they will even please the pickiest of eaters. And did I mention that kids love helping to make these?

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Baking with Kids: Almond Cakes

I consider Financier (Almond Cakes) one of the best culinary inventions in France. They are so addictive. But you don’t need to travel to Paris to sample those little almond based pastries. In fact, financiers are so easy to make, your child can do most of the recipe!

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