Healthy and Satisfying Snacks Made Easy

We are all susceptible to hunger pangs between main meals, but snacking can mean entering dangerous territory. Unplanned, random snacking can lead to making unhealthy decisions and could lead to weight gain and spoil our appetites for mealtime. Being unprepared makes it more likely than not that we will indulge in snacks that are high in sugar and salt. Restricting snacking to a once a day event is a better option, unless extra calories are needed for physical activities. Here are some tips and ideas for packing healthy snacks for the whole family.

Healthy Snacking

Instead of grabbing a bag of chips or a chocolate bar, prepare a healthy snack. The right tools, like a convenient snack box, makes it easier to take your favorite snacks on the go and will help you make healthier and more nutritious choices. You can be in full control of choosing foods that are rich in fibre, antioxidants and protein - just what you need to get you through and afternoon slump and re-energize you! Select snack foods that will help you balance your blood sugar levels and keep you satisfied with small portions between meals.

Protein Rich Snacks

Focus on protein based foods, as those will keep you feeling fuller for longer. Some ideas for protein rich snack foods include: cottage cheese, greek yogurt, hardboiled eggs, peanut butter, cheese, edamame, roasted chickpeas, whole grain protein bars, turkey rolls ups, hummus, almonds, and tuna.

Healthy Snack Combinations

Here are some ideas of how to create the perfectly balanced snack boxes in the Yumbox MiniSnack boxes:

Cottage cheese with blueberries with few leaves of mint
Cheese cubes with cucumbers and tomatoes
A mix of cut of fruit and berries with few mini chocolates
Crackers with ham and cheese and radishes
Crackers with cheese and fruit
Hummus with cut up carrots, almonds and pistachios
Mini pita sandwiches with cut up apples and dried mango
Greek yogurt with raspberries and nuts

Homemade prepared snacks don’t need to be difficult. But sometimes it helps to prepare a snack that’s easy to grab on an as needed basis

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