Zucchini Harvest: Great Recipes to Try

I look forward to planting zucchini each summer. It’s a reliable plant with a huge yield. What to do with all of the zucchini? I have a few recommendations. There’s nothing better than eating zucchini in the summer. Fresh and seasonal. Here are some of my favorite recipes and tips for an abundant yield.

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A Bold Choice for a Picky Eater – Pesto!

When a child begins to read, you can almost see the little light that switches to “on” and feel the relief and excitement that he finally gets it! The same is true for that moment when the picky eater lets her guard down and gives in to trying something that is just too inviting to […]

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Start a Summer Garden with Kids

Our summer garden is probably the project we work on the longest each year. If you are looking for a family project that involves everyone, your garden could be it! It is a summer activity for kids that keeps them interested and engaged because it is always changing. There is something new to learn, to […]

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Backyard Camping: Fun at Home Activities for Kids

After months of anticipation, warm weather is finally here! This is the perfect time to encourage kids to cut down on screen time and spend more time outdoors – day and night! Sometimes kids just need a little inspiration to find a game or an activity that will jump-start their imagination. There’s nothing like a […]

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Seasonal Lunch Packing: March

We are in transition this month from winter to spring, so you will find that a wide range of foods can be considered “in season”. Unlike your choice of clothing on a chilly spring day, you can’t go wrong with the winter citrus fruits that are still in abundance or all of the new leafy […]

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