Yumbox is a kid-friendly, bento-style lunch container designed to help parents pack healthy lunches. Yumbox is made with high quality, super durable, BPA-free, food-safe materials. Read on to learn more or contact us with questions.

Is Yumbox leakproof?

Yes. Yumbox is a leakproof container. Yumbox’s silicone lid engages with the tray to create a tight seal keeping food contents in place, including wet foods like yogurt and applesauce (not water). Foods will not leak between compartments or outside of the box.

How do I pack wet foods?

Yumbox is designed to hold wet foods but not liquids. To ensure that food stays in place and does not leak to other compartments, be sure to follow 4 Easy Steps: 1) Do not overfill compartments (an overfilled compartment could cause another to leak as well); 2) Remove any excess liquid from canned fruit, applesauce and yogurts; 3) Keep contents cool by adding an ice pack to your lunch tote; 4) When closing Yumbox, press down on the lid with the palm of your hand and snap latch to closed position to create the best seal. Do not pack yogurt drinks, soups or runny/watery dressings. Do pack foods with the consistency of ranch dressing, ketchup, chunky salsas, hummus, yogurt, and veggie dips. These are all great options. Some oily vinaigrettes may leak out of the dip well. One trick that can help keep vinaigrettes in place is to dress the salad and top it with a few croutons. The croutons will absorb excess oil/liquid and keep the vinaigrette from seeping into a neighboring compartment. If you are not sure if your food choice is too liquidy to pack, we suggest that you conduct a quick test before sending your child to school with that food. Simply add the test food to a compartment, close Yumbox properly and give it a good shake (or leave it on its side for 10 min.). Set Yumbox back to normal position and open to see the results.

How do I carry Yumbox?

Yumbox is compact and fits neatly in standard size lunch totes. Please visit us on Pinterest for lunch tote ideas.

Is Yumbox dishwasher safe?

Yes. Yumbox is dishwasher safe. Yumbox was tested at temperatures of 65C/149F. As dishwasher temps vary, we recommend using the top rack only. While Yumbox is dishwasher safe, hand washing is recommended to preserve the seal. Yumbox is designed with rounded edges and smooth surfaces to make hand cleaning easy.Yumbox is made with ABS (exterior box), Tritan (tray), and silicone (seal). **If you received Yumbox before May 1, 2013, your Yumbox has an acrylic tray. Please hand wash acrylic trays. High heat can cause acrylic products to cloud and crack.

Is Yumbox food safe?

Yes. All materials are food-safe, BPA-Free, Phthalates-free and are CPSIA and FDA compliant.

Is Yumbox microwavable?

We advise that everyone use their own judgement when deciding to microwave any plastics. If you own Yumbox with an acrylic tray (purchased before May 1, 2013), it is not microwaveable. If you purchased Yumbox after May 1, 2013, the Tritan tray only is microwave-safe.

Is Yumbox thermal?

No. Yumbox is not made with thermal materials. If adding food like yogurt, which should be kept cold, we recommend packing Yumbox in a thermal tote with an ice pack to keep contents cool.

Does Yumbox come with utensils or drink cup?

Yumbox is not sold with accessories at this time. However, we will be offering accompanying products in the future. Please visit us on Pinterest for accessory ideas.

How big is Yumbox?

Yumbox is perfect for little kids! Yumbox is compact and can be carried in standard size totes. It also fits neatly on the lunch table. Its dimensions in a closed position are approximately 8.5 x 6 x 2 inches and weighs 1lbs 5oz.

Is Yumbox’s tray removable?

Yes. Yumbox’s tray fits snuggly in the bottom half of the exterior box. It can be removed easily for cleaning, packing or for at home use. In fact, kids love eating their meals out of Yumbox’s tray at home too! The first time you open Yumbox, you may find that the tray is slightly difficult to remove. After initial removal, it will return to its comfortably snug fit.

Is Yumbox’s lid removable?

We recommend NOT separating the lid from the base in order to avoid damaging the hinges. Yumbox is compact (even open) and fits in a dishwasher as is.

Can I pack a Yumbox lunch the night before and store it in the fridge?

Yes. Yumbox acts as an excellent storage container. The seal keeps foods fresh for days in the fridge.

Is Yumbox portion-sized for older kids?

The five main food wells can accommodate ½ cup servings. Yumbox was designed to assist parents in presenting a healthy meal with a variety of foods to create a balanced meal. You may use less food for a toddler or fill each well for an older child.

In our testing, we found that meals served in Yumbox will satisfy kids up to 10 years of age or be a great snack for older kids. Some children may be hungrier depending on their daily activities.

Yumbox cannot control the amount of sugar, salt, calories or fat that you add to the foods you serve. Make healthy choices by selecting fresh foods, using good oils like olive oil, reducing sodium and sugar as much as possible. Yumbox is not intended to be used as a replacement for professional advice. Each child is unique with different dietary challenges. Please consult a doctor if you have concerns about your child’s diet.

For healthy lunch packing ideas visit us on Facebook.

Can adults use Yumbox ?

Some adults may find that a meal packed in Yumbox satisfies them. It’s very convenient to take as a packed-for-work lunch and on outings. If you watch your portion sizes, Yumbox is a great tool. We plan on developing an adult-sized box in the near future. Please check back with us.

How much does Yumbox cost?

Yumbox is priced at US$28.

Does Yumbox ship to my country?

We are currently shipping to the US. However, if you are living outside the US and interested in Yumbox, please contact us. We plan to offer Yumbox internationally in the near future.

Where can I buy Yumbox?

Yumbox is currently available via our website. If you would like your local retailer to stock Yumbox, please ask them to contact us for wholesale information.

I am a Retailer and would like to learn more about Yumbox.

We would love to hear from you! For larger retail orders, Yumbox colors and tray artwork can be customized. Please contact us. For International Retailers, please find contact information on our Retailers List which also includes Distributors for Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

I am a Distributor and would like to secure Yumbox distribution rights.

We would be happy to speak with you. Please contact us.

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